11 Sex Positions Every Man Wants to Try with Her Partner

Yes, boys also have their own fantasy, but not all their fantasy is wild! There are so many things they'll just want to do with you in the bedroom (and around it) – they're not only easy to do but also fun! Here Chandigarh escort service bring a list of some such sex positions that boys want to try – and you won't mind trying them too!

What is the right time and special position to have sex?

Different meanings of having sex at different times and its advantages and disadvantages have been told. Indian Ayurveda also talks about the right time, weather and position to have sex.

Apart from pleasure, sex is also considered a medium to nourish the body. To strengthen the relationship between a partner, it is very important to have a better physical relationship. Sex is not only a means to increase the generation, but it also improves the mutual relationship and rapport between a couple.

It is believed that men are most aroused during 6 am to 8 am, although during this time women are sleepy, and their body temperature is low. So, sex is good for men at this time, but women do not enjoy sex much at this time.

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Name: Shally Choudhary
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Shally Choudhary

What's the right time to have sex?

During 2 pm to 4 pm, the reproductive system of women is very active, so if you want to conceive, then this time is right. It has also been found that sex increases vata dosha in the body, so the time from sunrise to 10 am is best for sex. Given the current fast-paced lifestyle, it is not possible, then the time from 8 pm to 10 pm after a light dinner is considered good for sex.

When shouldn't you have sex?:

Having sex on an empty stomach or after eating heavily can disturb the balance of vata, it can lead to problems related to digestion, headaches and gastric. Eat light food before sex.

The beginning of winter and spring is considered to be the right season. Vata increases during summer and fall, so we should reduce the frequency of sex and orgasm.

According to Ayurveda, it is believed that the best 11 sex positions is one in which the woman lies on the back with her mouth facing upwards.

Most 11 Sex Positions Everyone Wants to Try

Sex Position 1. 69, Of Course!

Ladies, never underestimate the strength of the Classic 69. Whether you give them oral sex, or they give you, it feels good both times – but when both do it at the same time, then it is something else!

Sex Position 2. Missionary Style but with a Slight Change!

When you have a pillow underneath to lift you up a little and the boy is kneeling... These sex styles make boys feel so sexy!

Sex Position 3. When You're Up

Maybe you don't even have to tell. You must know how much boys like this sex style. After all, there is less strain on their hands and legs and when they look up, they also get to see a beautiful view like you.

Sex Position 4. And is Also

Yes, ladies, sometimes boys want you to be up, but you're facing upside down... Because as much as they like your, they like your back too!!

Sex Position 5. Sideways!

It's exactly the way you normally do, the only difference in this sex style is that you both are on your sides. In this, your hands (or boys' hands) do not even have to bear the weight. And this position also helps the boys to last for a long time.

Sex Position 6. from the Back

As fun and fun as you can both do in this sex style, it would be just as unfair to call it ""!

Sex Position 7. Sit Down and Try

While having sex, when both of you have lips and skin near each other, then the fun of love is something else. And it's a different sex style, which forces the guy to move slowly, which makes it a super intense experience.

Sex Position 8. And Standing Up

When you both stand together and your feet are around your partner, that sex style is a different level of fun....

Sex Position 9. Against the Wall

It's just like what's mentioned above – the only difference is that the boy gets a wall for support, and he can forget the problem of making balance and just focus on greeting you.

Sex Position 10. At the Table

You're standing at the table and the boy – to be experimental and adventurous... This sex style is perfect for the difference of height!

Sex Position 11. Even on the Chair

Ladies, let's say – getting the support of the armrest of the chair in that passionate sex style is not such a bad thing, is it? ☺


Each sex position has its own advantages. These are provided along with easy-to-understand language for all positions. Chandigarh Escort provide an easy-to-understand guide to the best sex positions every couple should try to increase your partner's pleasure and increase intimacy in your relationship.

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