Best Tips to Make Women Satisfy During Sex

Sex is very important, and everyone wants to have better sex with their female partner. But have you ever thought about the fact that men put their sexual desires ahead of their partners? But have you ever thought about what kind of sex your partner likes? Often the man falls asleep after having sex according to his mind, but even after that, the female partner has a feeling of sex in her mind and then goes to sleep with her mind. Chandigarh escort will discuss various ways to make women satisfied during sex.

1- Before sex, slowly awaken the excitement in the mind of your female partner. Men start having sex with partner in a hurry. Due to this, the female partner does not get extreme happiness.
2- Expressing love by putting eyes in the eyes with the female partner on the bed, moving the lips on the sensitive parts, even the touch of the delicate parts is enough to make women feel engrossed.
3- Women like during sex that their male partner should have sex with them in different ways. This creative style gives great pleasure to the female partner.
4- During the sex, your female partner expects that you create the necessary satisfaction by using the tongue and fingers in the very soft parts of their body in the early stages.
5- The atmosphere of the house during sex should be cool and cool, you will get the benefit of it during sex.
6- If you use a pillow during sex, then your female partner will enjoy it very much, that too when you keep the pillow down during intercourse. .

women satisfied during sex

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Tips to Satisfy Women During Sex

There are many tips to satisfy women during sex, but sex is a word that most people do not want to talk about. Just want to do it but it doesn't mean that sex is just for doing and satisfying yourself.

Sex is between two mentally and emotionally connected partners who want to enjoy it equally. But it has often been seen that women do not get satisfaction during sex; it means that women are not able to achieve their orgasm.

Because often during sex, men are only concerned about themselves, and they think only about their pleasure and orgasm. But this is completely wrong, because sex and pleasure are necessary for both.

Today we are going to tell you about ways to satisfy women during sex, how you can satisfy a woman during sex and enjoy orgasm.

During sex, women remain dissatisfied due to these reasons:

It has often been seen that during sex, men get satisfaction soon after getting their orgasm, but women always lag behind in this matter. Since they don't reach orgasm as quickly as men, there are many reasons for this. Let's find out why women remain dissatisfied during sex.

1. Hasty sex is the reason for women to be left unsatisfied.
2. Unwanted sex can be a reason for dissatisfaction.
3. Excessive stress about sex is also a cause of dissatisfaction.
4. Complaints during sex are also reasons for dissatisfaction.
5. Vaginal pain while having sex can also be the reason for dissatisfaction.
6. Lack of foreplay is the cause of women's dissatisfaction.
7. Lack of vaginal lubrication can also be a reason for dissatisfaction during sex.
8. There are many reasons that can be behind leaving a woman unsatisfied in the bedroom.

What a Long Time to take to satisfy a woman:

Many people think that how much time is needed to satisfy a woman but on the contrary, there is no time limit to “satisfy a woman”. It all depends on how quickly men and women have sex and are able to enjoy the whole experience.

Time to have sex can be different for each couple. Some women can get satisfaction within a few minutes while it cannot be achieved in 30 or even 60 minutes. Don't make mental assumptions about the timing of sexting to get "satisfaction".

Ways to Satisfy women during sex:

Today Chandigarh escort service is going to tell you some such ways by which you will be able to give full enjoyment of sex to your partner and give them satisfaction.

Don't rush while having sex:

The most important thing is that sex should never be seen as any work and should not be shown too hasty because it is very difficult to satisfy your partner by doing sex in this way, it is very difficult to increase the libido of women. takes time and they take equally long to get orgasm.

That's why men should know that during sex, give maximum time to foreplay so that the woman gets enough time to increase her libido and she can enjoy sex to the fullest, so that you will be able to satisfy women during sex.

Intermittent pauses while having sex:

If you continue with yourself while having sex, then you will soon end sex, and this will leave your partner dissatisfied. While having sex, you have to pause for a while, which means that you stop your movement and physical activity at that time and do other activities such as kissing.

When you feel that you are ready again, start your sex session. In this way, you will be able to use both your romance and your physical strength in the right way so that you will also increase the time of sex and will also be able to give satisfaction to your partner.

Do what your partner likes:

It has been seen many times that men have sex without knowing their partner's desires and sometimes the way they do foreplay and other things. Whereas women do not like it, so they do not get pleasure in sex.

You can directly talk to them about what your partner wants and there is no need to be ashamed of it. Because it is very important for the sex life of both of you.

Change the location of having sex to satisfy women during sex:

It is not necessary that you have sex in the bedroom every time or use the same position and same space. You must have heard that every person gets bored by working at the same place again and again.

Similarly, if you also want to make your sex life interesting, then do not use the same place every day and try to have sex in different places. Try to bring something new in it so that you can give something new to your partner.

Pay attention to your partner's involvement while having sex:

Whenever you are having intercourse, it is necessary that you pay attention to the movements of your partner. Because this is not sex done by a machine, it is very important to have humanity in it.

In which there should be cooperation of so that both can enjoy it to the fullest. Involve your partner in this as well and try to do some part as well such as the position of woman on top etc.

It is necessary to understand gestures to satisfy women during sex

Whenever you have sex, it becomes necessary to understand each other's gestures, you should understand what your partner is demanding from you. Because your partner may shy away from talking directly with you, but there are many things going on in their mind about sex.

What she wants from you, so you need to understand her gestures. It is also very important for you to know where to stop and where to accelerate, to give satisfaction to a woman.


In the above article, you learned how you can satisfy women during sex by increasing the time of foreplay and adopting some of these basic methods and make your sex life enjoyable again.

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